Bible study for kids – Superheroes

Bible Study for Kids – Superheroesbible study for kids

This is a great bible study for kids of all ages. I’ve used it for young kids who love Iron Man and
Spidey as well as pre-teens and teens. Superheroes are relatable and kids love them. The trick is to get the kids to see that the real heroes of their life are some of the great characters from the Bible, as well as the peers and adults in their life who are putting the Bible into practice.


Ice breaker

This is a great idea for a group bible study for kids where they might not know each other so well.

One thing I’ve seen done effectively is to draw up a list of well-known superheros and match a name to a major power and weakness.

eg. Superman | Super strength and speed | Kryptonite

Then cut up the list and put into a hat or tub. Have the kids draw out a random pice of paper then have the kids move around the group and try to match up the superhero with their power and weakness.

If this is a regular meeting or group you may not need an ice breaker at all. or you can simply ask the kids if they know anyone who is powerful, stong, fast, spelling bee champion etc.

Getting Started

Ask the kids – “Who are some Bible Superheroes?”

Don’t prompt them at this stage, just let the kids answer. You may get the obvious, but you might get some interesting responses.

The more obvious –

  • Jesus – Yes
  • David – fought off bears – killed Goliath
  • Samson – Super strength
  • Daniel – calmed Lions (God sent Pizza)
  • His mates – Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
bible study for kids


The not so obvious –

  • Elijah – jar of flour and oil that sustained the widow, raised her son.
  •           – called down fire from heaven
  • Miriam (She saved Moses – my daughter thought this was obvious!)

It’s not an exhaustive list. There are going to be answers you may not have thought of.

Then we move on to…

Lets look at Jesus – Ultimate Superhero

At some point Jesus name will come up. At the right time we can move on and focus on Jesus. Start by asking the group:

What Special powers did Jesus have?

There could again be many different answers. Here are some:

  • Water into Wine, Healed Sick, Healed Blind
  • Walked on water – Mathew 14:22
  • Raised Lazarus from the dead. – John 11:1
  • Raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead – Mathew 9:18

Who does Jesus fight and win?

Every good superhero needs a super villain. Think Lex Luthor, Syndrome etc. Ask the group who Jesus adversary really was. Was is the Romans? Pilate?

See Satan’s temptation – Matthew 4. Explain that Jesus really battled against the temptation of Satan. He fought not with the sword, but with the WORD!

Who does Jesus Save?

Jesus has the power to forgive sin and save everyone forever – cool! Keep it simple at this point.

How can we be superheroes today?

Let’s draw things to a close. You can make this as simple or as deep as you like depending on your audience. The older kids will appreciate being stretched a little and having to apply what they’ve learned.

A real Superhero is someone who:

  1. Impacts your life
  2. We want to be like
  3. Stands for something positive

Leave the older ones hanging with that in their mind. You can always leave it as an assignment question to open discussion with next week if you have a regular class.


Until next time,

bible study for kids




bible study for kids




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