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Getting your kids excited about church

Getting your kids excited about church

kids excited about churchIt doesn’t seem to matter how “funky” the service is or how “cool” the other kids are, the fact is that you can often find it a challenge getting kids excited about church.

No matter what denomination you attend you are going to come up against resistance at one time or another from within. Let’s face it, you get enough pushback in the world without needing any more to come at you from your own family. But the fact is that sometimes your kids just dread going to Church on a Sunday morning. They start to see it as a chore.


Bible study for kids – Superheroes

Bible Study for Kids – Superheroes

This is a great bible study for kids of all ages. I’ve used it for young kids who love Iron Man and
Spidey as well as pre-teens and teens. Superheroes are relatable and kids love them. The trick is to get the kids to see that the real heroes of their life are some of the great characters from the Bible, as well as the peers and adults in their life who are putting the Bible into practice.


Christian Parenting Tips

How can I be a better parent?

Well if you wan’t some great Christian parenting tips then read on. This list is far from exhaustive, but contains some of the best examples of what to focus on! If I make an effort to be closer to God’s Word I find it a lot easier to be a better parent.


Top 5 Signs of Successful Teen Parenting

How do you know if things are going well?

Great question!

Look, it can sometimes be a bit hard to read just what’s going on in a teens mind right.


Praying with your kids

bedtime prayers

Praying with Your Kids
Teaching Your Child to Start Their Day In Prayer

Have you begun a busy day and then after a little while you notice how quickly it’s gone downhill?

If you haven’t spent time in prayer then you’ll recognise how often this can be the case. This is really noticeable if starting your day in prayer is your habit and then you get too busy and forget.We all need prayer, even our young kids.


Top 10 Tips for Christian Teen Parenting

Top 10 Tips for Christian Teen Parenting
christian teen parenting

Peer Pressure

peer pressure

Today kids have to deal with a lot and peer pressure is no different than it was for you, way back when. In fact it could be argued that the youth of today face an even greater challenge than for previous generations due to the constantly “on” status of most mobile devices. Your young teen is more than likely to be connected to their peer community pretty much 24/7 in the current age of instant access with IM, facebook, facetime and the like. It’ up to us to shield them as best we can and teach them how to face the realities of peer pressure.


Top 5 Youth Group Activities

youth group activities

Why are Youth Group activities so significant for your teenager?

By the time your son or daughter has reached the age of 11 or 12 and they are just beginning to hit puberty you’ll find that the traditional Sunday School lessons are just not going to cut it anymore! They are way too old for activity sheets and just sitting down and being told a story, but at the same time, they’re not quite ready for the regular worship service for the adults.


Top 10 Verses for Parents to Remember

These are 10 of my favourite verses to remember. As a parent of 3 kids it’s sometime easy to forget what the goal is – our kids spiritual growth. Don’t get too caught up in the day to day but look to the future and plant seed that will grown in faith.


Your Teen and Church

Christian fellowship and regular bible study is key to helping to form the right foundation for your pre-teen and teen. Consistent attendance at Sunday worship service can help your teen during those formative years when they are starting to make decisions as to what they really think and believe. It can be a tough time and the wide road will seldom seem more attractive because temptation is strong.