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Bible study for kids – Superheroes

Bible Study for Kids – Superheroes

This is a great bible study for kids of all ages. I’ve used it for young kids who love Iron Man and
Spidey as well as pre-teens and teens. Superheroes are relatable and kids love them. The trick is to get the kids to see that the real heroes of their life are some of the great characters from the Bible, as well as the peers and adults in their life who are putting the Bible into practice.


Youth Activities – Noah

Youth Activities – Noah.
This is a great classic lesson that you can use as a morning Sunday School Lesson or an evening youth group activity or anything in- between.


Teaching gifted Kids

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Top 5 Tips for Teaching Gifted Kids
teaching gifted kidsHow to recognise Gifted Students

Gifted students can actually have a lot in common with these who are stuggling. In many cases they can exhibit similar behaviours. They can often become disruptive or disenagaged, not because they can’t keep up, but because they’re bored! It’s important to be able to recognise the difference and deal with each situation in turn.


How to teach kids with special needs

How to deal with learning difficulties in the classroom
Do you have kids in class that need special attention?

Sometimes the kids in class or even youth group that can be a little harder to teach than other. It’s not that they don’t want to be there, but sometimes they just have special needs.

You can’t just ask their parents to “talk” with them and set the straight. It doesn’t work that way in most cases. You do have to recognise what’s going on and work on a strategy to make classroom life easier for you and better for them.


Top 5 Classroom Rules for Kids Bible Lessons

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Simple Discipline for Kids Bible Lessons

kids bible lessonsIf you want to enjoy teaching the kids bible lessons you’re going to have to have a clear set of classroom rules that are:

Easy to remember
Easy to follow

For this reason the rules had better be pretty simple and basic.


Top 5 Kids Bible Stories you may not know

Would you like some new kids Bible stories to tell? Pretty much all the kids know about Adam and Eve, Noah, Samson and David and Goliath.


Bible Story for Kids – Noah

A classic bible story for kids. The story of Noah is one of the most popular amongst kids of primary school age. Here’s a complete lesson plan that will work with the younger kids.


Teaching Children Mealtime Prayers

Should you worry about mealtime prayers in class?
The question is really – Is this important in kids class really?

Well yes, I think it is.

Now as Sunday School teacher we want to set an example with our kids classes and take every opportunity to help the children grow in their faith.


Sunday School Curriculum Plan

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Sunday School Curriculum. It’s an important part of your preparation for any Sunday School Lesson to be following a lesson plan. Sometimes a Sunday Schoool curriculum can be developed by the teachers in conjunction with leaders in the Church, or you can follow examples from teaching materials or books. Often specific Sunday School curriculum can be available for purchase for use in the class environment.


Bible Lessons for Kids – Forgiveness

Jacob’s family is desperately is in need of food. Food has been bought in Egypt and Jacob wants to send his sons back to buy more. However the man who rules Egypt has been asking strange questions about their family and asked for them to bring back the youngest brother Benjamin when they return.
Judah, the eldest son, who years before convinced his brothers to sell their other brother Joseph into slavery, urges his father to allow Benjamin to return along with the other brothers.