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When my eldest child was about to move up to our Church’s youth group I was looking for some help. I wanted to be confident of preparing some of my own youth group lessons at home. I also wanted to know that when I was called on the help out in the youth group ministry I’d be confident of having some great ideas and tools at my disposal.

Well I found Christian Teen World. I’ve used it and it works. You can be pretty confident of what you’ll find here.


christian teen world review


But isn’t this stuff just for the youth leaders?

Not in my world. Whilst church leadership is there to serve as best as they can, your kids are a reflection of YOU. You are responsible for leading them and training them. Proverbs 22:6 says Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” – NIV

Perhaps you want to help with teaching your local youth group lessons or currently lead a ministry but feel you  need some extra resources. Well Christian Teen World could be just what you’re looking for. Here’s what I found when I joined the program and had a look at the content:

First of all this is a membership site. What this means is you pay a small fee and have access to all the resources for month. So if you just want to test drive it or see if you will get value for money then it’s a pretty cheap option. At the time of review the membership was good value at  $9.97

Well – what do I  get exactly?

christian teen world review  Teen Bible Lessons

You’ll gain access to 2 new weekly bible lessons each week. These contain bible verses that link to topic stories that have been designchristian teen world reviewed to relate to the interests of you teen. You can access the lessons in Word format which gives you the ability to edit and tailor them for the needs of your group. There is both a teacher and student lesson outline. There is also an illustrated PowerPoint presentation if you wish to use it, but it is not necessary if you don’t have access to computer at lesson time.

As a member you’ll also have access to all the previous lessons in the archive, and at the time of review there were over 150 bible lessons available!

christian teen world review  Blog Access

christian teen world reviewThere are posts containing ideas, advice, lists and handouts he help with discussion items in youth group. Last week there were new articles relating to Facebook and online safety that pretty much ALL teens would relate to, even if it’s above your paygrade! Another post was all about tattoos and the wisdom or otherwise of young people wanting to be creative and artistic in this way. Now to be honest, neither of these things would be on my radar when it came to thinking of ideas to discuss with my kids or their peers.

christian teen world review  PowerPoint Presentations

christian teen world reviewHere I found a range of topics from Organ donation to Pet heaven. All presentations were available in both PDF and PowerPoint, so you could easily create handouts if that made more sense for you group. Again, the main benefit was the ability to quickly create a tool for prompting a great discussion within your group.

christian teen world review  Classroom Materials

christian teen world review
This is a useful resource if you are actually running a class of you own. Rather than having to come up with your own forms there are pre-prepared PDF files for things like: contact details, certificate of appreciation, attendance record, trip permission, self evaluation, class attendance, self evaluation and more……A great time saving bonus!

christian teen world review  Discussion Starters

These are again PDF files you can use as handouts or as teach aids to prompt discussion. They were basically simple stories relating to everyday life that either you or the class members could find themselves in. There was a moral involved and discussion point to reflect upon. Whilst no scripture references were included to tie back to a biblical study, they nonetheless provided a useful guide to helping kids to see what issues others might find themselves in. I thought of these as really just “Bonus Items” rather than core class content.

christian teen world review  Wallpapers

christian teen world reviewThis is yet another cool bonus item. Great to use as wallpaper for you own computer or simply print out and use as an inspiring poster or class handout. There were over 40 Hi-Res pictures available to download and keep.

christian teen world review  And then….

Well, there was more stuff as well but frankly I’m getting weary just writing about it all. There were various reports on topics like “25 Strategies to give an all star speech” and more. I haven’t had time to even open this one up an look at it, let alone tell you what’s inside. There are also special reports on online tools like Facebook, Twitter and links to computer resources, that most teens would be well aware of, but perhaps you might not.

Anyway, time for a summary of what I found….

christian teen world review  Strengths

  • Over 150 Bible based lessons sorted by topical categories. So if you are looking to talk about a specific issue I’d doubt that you would fail to find it here.
  • Variety of electronic formats to allow you as the teacher to present the class in the way you see fit.
  • The ability to edit most lessons handouts to really target the issues specific to your group.
  • Topical conversation starters to prompt follow-up discussion with your group about current issues.
  • Classroom aids to help YOU simplify the running of your youth group.
  • Bonus electronic items to help make the class fun.

christian teen world review  Weaknesses

  • Membership site so it has recurring costs, although you have access to all resources right from the start.
  • Some might find the sheer volume of reports and documents available a little hard to navigate through!

christian teen world review  Value for money

At $9.97 for full membership (at time of review) this site represents real value in my opinion. For a start you gain access not just to the new material, but ALL the archive available whilst you maintain your monthly membership. This means that you can browse all the lessons in order to find the appropriate resources that your group needs. You can also download the things you need to keep on your own PC. You are not restricted to only being able to access the lessons whilst you are logged in.
This could lead the system open to abuse if you were to download in bulk, but I trust that the majority of readers would not want to abuse the privilege they have been given.

christian teen world review  Recommendation

If you have a young teen or even a pre-teen then Christian Teen World is going to provide you with a wealth of resources to help you with your family devotionals.

If you currently lead or assist your local youth group then you are going to find even more reasons to try it and utilise the full power of the electronic files and classroom aids available.

I have used the material at home and found it to be of great benefit with my growing family.

The fact that all the material can be accessed instantly and you can keep the various lessons to use at home forever means you have nothing to lose by visiting the site and trying it for yourself.


Click Here to gain instant access to over 150 Lessons and more at Christian Teen World!

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 I have an older child about to move into our church youth group. I wanted to be able to help and was looking for some resources we could work through together. Here's what works!

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