Do you want some help with Easter Sunday School Lessons for Children?

Are you looking for an easier solution to preparing your own Easter Sunday School Lessons?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent many hours googling “Easter lessons for kids” or “Easter Sunday School Lessons” in an effort to find some great tools to help you with lessons over the coming weeks, but all you can find is word searches and coloring sheets! easter sunday school lessons

Well I got tired of boring word searches and lame coloring sheets that kids took 2 minutes to complete before they started running around the room!

easter sunday school lessons
Well look no further!

Don’t waste another minute trawling the internet looking for great Bible lessons for children and Sunday school activities!


Do you want some help trying to teach your children about the Bible. Perhaps you’re wanting to help your kids to trust in Jesus or in my case just plain calm down from time to time!

Well, you’re not alone!

If you’ve found this page it’s probably because you know in your heart that it’s the right thing to do to teach your kids about Jesus and to serve in your Church or family group ministry.

You may even have set aside weekly time to sit down with your children and talk about God’s word. But the truth is, bible lessons for kids can’t be made up on the spot and don’t even try to run some youth group activities without putting in the work first!

There’s nothing worse than trying to teach your children about Jesus love and sacrifice whilst simultaneously yelling at them to sit down and pay attention! easter sunday school lessons

Well I got tired of trying to do everything from my own strength and just “winging it” whenever we had a family meeting or devotional.

Sometimes I felt like it just wasn’t worth it and I couldn’t get through to them. Worse than that, I felt like I just didn’t know what to say or how to control the class.
Rather than looking forward to Sunday morning I used to dread it and the feeling like I knew it was going to be a real stress!

easter sunday school lessons


But, not any more!

If you’re involved in preparing, teaching or assisting with Sunday School Lessons you’ll know that you do feel the burden of bringing something valuable into the class. The Bible tells us that what we teach them now will have an everlasting impact…

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” Prov 22:6 NIV

But how often do you find yourself asking –

  • Help, I need some Sunday School Lessons now
  • How can I make a lesson interesting?
  • I’m about to teach my first lesson, help!
  • What went wrong?
  • We’ve finished early. What can I do?
  • What topic will the kids like?

If you’re a parent or carer you may often worry –

  • How can I help my children grown in their faith?
  • What do I tell my kids about death?
  • How will I deal with Dating?
  • I need help to have great family devotionals?
  • How do I raise my children in a world full of Non-believers?

Do you have Teens in your life? You might be thinking –

  • I don’t want my children listening to that music!
  • Am I being too controlling?
  • How do I start a youth ministry?
  • I need some biblical advice about discipline and boundaries
  • Am I too “nice” to the teens in my group?
  • How do I get the kids to come, our group is shrinking?
  • We are taking over the youth ministry, any ideas?
  • But isn’t this stuff just for the youth leaders?

After hours of trial and error and testing on live children (mine!) I discovered that there was real good quality help out there and I decided I wanted to make it easier for other families to help prepare their own family devotionals or Sunday School lessons for children of all ages from pre-school to teens…..easter sunday school lessons


Would it be helpful if you could find all these things in one place?

  • Sunday School Lesson samples and real world examples
  • Classroom tips and suggestions
  • Craft solutions and activity ideas
  • Regular lesson guides and samples
  • Youth Group activities that work

Well it’s here and you can have instant access today!

Sunday School Lessons for Children

Christian Teen World


easter sunday school lessons

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