Getting your kids excited about church

Getting your kids excited about church

kids excited about churchIt doesn’t seem to matter how “funky” the service is or how “cool” the other kids are, the fact is that you can often find it a challenge getting kids excited about church.

No matter what denomination you attend you are going to come up against resistance at one time or another from within. Let’s face it, you get enough pushback in the world without needing any more to come at you from your own family. But the fact is that sometimes your kids just dread going to Church on a Sunday morning. They start to see it as a chore.

If you are trying to raise your children right to want to follow the Bible and you want them to enjoy getting to know and love the Lord, it is crucial that they enjoy and look forward to going to Church. If your kids keep feeling like they’re pushed to attend they’ll see Church as a negative experience and when they reach young adulthood they’ll most likely stop going.

All of the younger age children should be involved in a kids Sunday School of some type. You can’t expect a child who’s not even old enough for school to sit still for an entire hour-long worship service. It’s just too much. Your own fellowship’s Sunday schools program will be targeted at kids, and its goal ought to be making learning about God and the Bible both educational and fun. Most programs focus not only on classroom style learning but will have fun games, activities, and sometime even an opportunity to participate in plays and musicals.  The key here is to make the Sunday morning experience a fun one for your child who will be then able to look forward to the day, rather than to silently dread it each week.

Can you get older kids excited about church?

As your kids get older it is vital that the kids program can grow to accommodate them as well. Older kids and teens need special activities that are just for them. Youth or teen groups are common in many Churches. Teen group will give kids a chance to hang out with their peers in a positive setting. When young adults tend to reach the age where they’re trying to find their own particular identity they often tend to rebel. This will often manifest itself in a lack of desire to attend Church. This is where a well run Youth ministry that aims to give teens a fun way to stay connected can be a spiritual lifesaver. It allows young adults to stay connected to the Church fellowship, but at the same time to be themselves. Youth groups not just try to plan an activity for the Sunday, but for evening times like a Friday night. Great ideas can include sports competitions, movie nights, pizza night etc.

Make sure that you start taking your kids along to church worship service from a young age and make sure that there are plenty of activities and special events for them to enjoy. I always used to (and still do) make a point of having some fun with the kids on thew way home. This could be visiting the local cafe for buns, or the 7-eleven for frozen drinks or a day trip to the zoo. Whatever you choose, make it a fun family time for you all and your kids will look back on it with fond memories rather than biding their time until they can escape!

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kids excited about church





kids excited about church

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