OK, so you’ve been “volunteered” to do the kids Sunday School this week and you’re not quite sure what to do next. You may even have been given a lesson guide and some assistants to help out. To make sure you get off to the best possible start make sure you avoid these pitfalls and avoid the 3 big mistakes it’s so easy to make.


Easter Sunday School Lessons Jesus is King

esus enemies lead him away and bring him before Pilate, the Roman governor who is responsible for law and order in Jerusalem at the time.
Jesus is accused of claiming to be king of the people. So Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?”“You have said so,” Jesus replied.


Easter Sunday School Lessons Last Supper

easter sunday school lessons last supper

The final meal Jesus shares with his Disciples! This is the last time he will have the all together and it’s time to show them what his ministry is all about.


Easter Sunday School Lessons Palm Sunday

easter lessons palm sunday

The final week of Jesus life begins with a triumphal procession! The people of Jerusalem are excited and are praising Jesus. “Hosanna to the Son of David!” they cry. They believed Jesus was the Christ, the King of the Jews that would overthrow Roman rule and set up a new Kingdom.This day is often known as “Palm Sunday” because the crowd carried palm branches to wave before Jesus in order to honor him. In this lesson we wil concentrate on praising God and what we can be grateful for today.


101 Sunday School Lesson Topics

Have you ever been stuck for a Sunday School Lesson idea? Well not any more!
Here are over 100 Sunday School Lesson ideas you can use to kick start your planing for next week or map out a whole years worth of curriculum.
They’re sorted in Bible reference order with a Topic and Scripture reference included.


Sunday School Activities for 9-12 year olds

Sunday school projects for kids which are almost teens can be a little difficult. It’s hard to find physical craft ideas that will engage them. Here’s couple of ideas you can try. If your class covers kids of a variety of ages it may pay to pair them up or sort out small teams so that reading skills can be evenly matched.


Bible Stories for Children

bible stories for children

Have you ever been stuck looking for fun Bible stories for children that will actually keep them entertained?

There’s nothing worse than getting right into the meat and potatoes of your Sunday School lessons and the kids suddenly lose interest or suddenly want to go to the toilet en masse.


Sunday School Crafts for Preschoolers

sunday school crafts for preschoolers

Sunday School Crafts for Preschoolers

sunday school crafts for preschoolers

Peer Pressure

peer pressure

Today kids have to deal with a lot and peer pressure is no different than it was for you, way back when. In fact it could be argued that the youth of today face an even greater challenge than for previous generations due to the constantly “on” status of most mobile devices. Your young teen is more than likely to be connected to their peer community pretty much 24/7 in the current age of instant access with IM, facebook, facetime and the like. It’ up to us to shield them as best we can and teach them how to face the realities of peer pressure.


Bedtime Prayers

bedtime prayers

One of most precious memories involved spending time with my youngest daughter when she was a toddler and praying with her of an evening. She had a bit of a routine of thanking God for various things in her life, but the classic line was “Thank you God for the nappy change” which was her way of being grateful the change table next to her cot.

I said, “Sweetheart, you don’t really need to pray for the change table” but she was adamant.

“I can pray for the nappy change if I want!” she responded.

And she did.