Positive Parenting Solutions Review

Positive Parenting Strategies for Happy Families

positive parenting solutions review

Positive Parenting Solutions is a Web-based parenting program delivered by self-confessed “recovering yeller” Amy McCready. I’ve spent a fair amount of time delving into it and it’s great! This is not a Bible based parenting program and is not designed specifically for Christian parenting. Does that mean it can’t help you in your situation? No! It’s simply a great tool you can put to use to make effective changes in your own family. I’ve checked it out and it’s completely compatible with my faith. I also recognise that I’m going to need to add some extra “spice” along the way if I want to be able to teach my kids to reach the ultimate goal. A faith filled Kid.

So Just what is Positive Parenting Solutions

In a nutshell Positive Parenting Solutions is an online parenting training course delivered to your PC or tablet. It’s something you can watch in bed with hubby or wife and consume in bite sized chunks. The program gives you easy and effective tools to help you train your child in the they should go. It also gives you the skills to free up your time to allow you to do the things you’ve been wanting to do with your kids.

Why Positive Parenting Solutions?

To me parenting is not intuitive at all. It’s hard work. If you find yourself spinning you wheels trying to work out how to do it right then stop right now.

Don’t feel bad for not being able to work it out all by yourself.  We all need help to save time and get it right. Positive Parenting is definitely not about spanking, time out or trying to sit down and reason with your two-year old. That just isn’t going to work! Positive Parenting solutions does!


positive parenting solutions review

What you’ll learn from the Positive Parenting Solutions Course

In the Positive Parenting course, you will learn the reasons why children misbehave. You’ll also come to see how the most common reactions we have usually contribute to making the problems worse, not better! You’ll also learn that you can change and be able to relate to kids in a different way that will get instant results.


Positive Parenting Solutions Review: What Do You Get?positive parenting solutions review

All subscribers get access to the Breakthrough Course that has 6 different sessions broken down into 42 separate training videos

  • Session 1 – Learn why children really misbehave and the connection between birth order and misbehavior. By the end you’ll learn the single most powerful tool and be amazed at how quickly the misbehavior starts to disappear.
  • Session 2  – Learn the importance of encouragement and how to train your child to be responsible, independent and self-sufficient. By the end of this session you’ll have the tools to help deal with whining  and bad attitude.
  • Session 3  – Learn about power and consequence. Learn how to avoid power struggles between you and your child. The “Consequences” tools will hold your kids accountable and help teach them about real world consequences.
  • Session 4  – Learn why children really behave badly. Learn the tools to stop any power struggle in its tracks – tantrums, backchat, disrespect, getting to bed. These tools will help everyone get more sleep.
  • Session 5  – Learn why brothers and sisters fight and what you can do to reduce fighting. You’ll learn the 4 steps to teach your kids how to solve sibling conflict on their own.
  • Session 6  – Learn the important tool that prevent family issues from arising.These tools will help your family emotionally and help reduce family stress.

There are also Note-Taking Guides, a FAQ, and a  Toolbox. The whole program flows and builds upon previous tools. Any parent will benefit and be able to instantly make changes in their family and see results today.


Positive Parenting Solutions Review: Strengths and Weaknesses

positive parenting solutions reviewStrengths

  • Very easy to follow and understand. It will work for people who don’t always lean things the same way. The videos are simple and easy to consume in bite sized chunks.
  • Variety of delivery. You have access to over 40 videos, Note-taking guides, interactive lessons and more.
  • Works for all ages up to 15. This is very valuable if you have kids of differing age groups. You can easily modify your behaviour to suit each child if required.
  • The toolbox provides positive and proven techniques and tools to help you change your childs behaviours.
  • Access to 1-1 coaching and extra help if you need it.

positive parenting solutions reviewWeaknesses

  • You need a reliable internet connection. You cannot download the videos to watch offline.
  • Significant investment of $199 at the time of review, although you may qualify for a discount when you view the webinar.


What to do next

Your best bet is to simply have a look at the Positive Parenting Solutions page and register for a FREE live webinar.

Click on the banner below to have a look at the program for yourself

positive parenting solutions review




When I participated in the webinar when I was evaluating the program myself I was also then given an opportunity to upgrade my membership and get a 10% discount. I don’t know how long this offer will be available, but it’s a no brainer to check it out for FREE this week!

Positive Parenting Solutions Review: My Overall Impression

positive parenting solutions reviewAmy’s basic philosophy is that your kids don’t want to be bad kids and that they ‘can’ do it if you give them a chance. She also believes that you shouldn’t do it for them if they’re capable of doing it themselves. That is the core of my own personal beliefs as well so the program gels for me. It isn’t a “must have”, but it is all practical and applicable to me and my kids right now in their stage of life. For me that personally makes it well worth the current cost of $199.

As Amy points out in her program a disciplined child is a well-trained child. As a Christian I know that it is my job is to train my child:

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” – Proverbs 22:6 NIV

Positive Parenting Solutions simply gives me the tools to help me be a better parent. I can teach my kids what I think is important and pass on my values. It won’t provide all the answers for them. You know that you’ll need to equip them spiritually to fight for their faith. As a Christian Dad I can highly recommend the toolbox it gives you as you struggle to equip your kids for the spiritual battles they face.


Until next time,

positive parenting solutions review




positive parenting solutions review



When your kids behave better, your whole world is better.



amy mccready webinar
Free LIVE Parenting Webinar

Watch this 97-second video to meet parenting expert Amy McCready, Positive Parenting Solutions Founder and TODAY Show Contributor and discover how a webinar will be your answer to better behavior and parenting peace.

This was the most informative hour that I have ever had as a parent.-Jeannie, St. Louis MO


Put an end to frustrating power struggles TODAY!

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  • I’m glad I found a ‘classmate’ in Christ to hold me accountable when I learn this program, to help me keep in mind that all wisdom come from up above rather than a particular tactic, philosophy, method or a person.

  • Hello Audra,

    I’m very happy to promote PPS as a great resource to any family. I am an affiliate of the program so there will be a natural bias for me to say “good” things. However, If I can ever find a better product or service I will start to recommend that instead!

  • Hello! I’m looking for reviews of this course as I’ve watched the webinar; and, am considering spending the money on the course. With your review, are you sponsored by PP and/or an affiliate?

    Thank you,

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