Praying with your kids

Praying with Your Kids

praying with your kidsTeaching Your Child to Start Their Day In Prayer

Have you begun a busy day and then after a little while you notice how quickly it’s gone downhill?

If you haven’t spent time in prayer then you’ll recognise how often this can be the case. This is really noticeable if starting your day in prayer is your habit and then you get too busy and forget.We all need prayer, even our young kids.

Why Praying with your kids is important

When you’ve made a habit of spending time with God first thing in the morning then you know how much it benefits you. It really makes a difference to our day. It’s useful for you, so it’s just as important and useful for your kids. Are you spending time teaching your own child to do the same, so that they can experience the joy of spending time with God in the morning?

How to make Praying with your kids practical

You may ask yourself,  “How can I make praying practical for my child?”

Easy – Pray with them.

Help them by doing it with them.  Make them a part of your “morning time with God”.  You don’t have to spend all your quiet time with God with your child, but you can share with them what you are doing and show them how they can do it too.  Your example will go a long way to helping your child.

Remember, they are going to copy what you do, not what you say!

How to make Praying with your kids relevant

You’ve got to make this time age appropriate.  You don’t want to force too much on them too soon.

With your younger kids you simply start by encouraging them to thank God for what they already have.You wouldn’t try to get a five-year old to do the same kind of thing as a young teen. You really just want your child to talk with God and be thankful.

For a teen you can focus on more relevant  things like praying about their worries.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 – NIV


How to make Praying with your kids easier

Make sure you buy young kids their own Bible and possibly even a diary. Encourage them to read and pray each day. Pray that your child begins to understand and value their time with God. Once they begin a habit they will start to see the importance of making it the “start” to their day.  Soon they will be able to notice when they “miss” it.


How praying with your kids helps you

By committing time yourself to spend with your child you will also be helping to discipline yourself.

It will also make it easier for you to start thinking about “others”. By actively involving yourself in you childs life you will become more acutely aware of their needs. You’ll be able to pray more specifically for them and in turn become close to both them and your spiritual Father.


Don’t give up on praying with your kids! It might not be something that they get immediately fired up about or even be willing to try. But give them time and never give up. Over time they will start to see the benefits as well as the importance of this time with God.


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praying with your kids




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