Top 5 Signs of Successful Teen Parenting

Top 5 Signs of Successful Teen Parenting

How do you know if things are going well?

successful teen parentingGreat question!

Look, it can sometimes be a bit hard to read just what’s going on in a teens mind. So how do you know if things are going OK?

Well here are a few signs of successful teen parenting that are worth taking note of:


1. Your Teen Takes Your Advice.

What a great feeling it is the first time your teen walks up to you and says, “I need your advice on something.” You really feel like they trust your opinion and you know that something you have done or said over the years is finally sinking in. Teens usually do not seek the advice of their parents so know that you are the exception and be glad.

2. Your Teen Talks With You.

Have you ever been just sitting around, watching TV, or just relaxing, and your teen walks up and starts a conversation?  “Hey Dad, how are you doing?” or, “Hey Mom, what’s going on?” In any case you must have done something right if your teen just wants to chat for a few minutes. One of the main issues with a parent/teen relationship is that the teens usually keep themselves to themselves. Enjoy the blessing if they enjoy a conversation with you.

3. Your Teen Brings Home Their Friends

I remember the high school days when my friends would come over and just hang out or play sport in the back yard with me. Another friend and I used to build computers in his Dad’s workshop. Those are great memories involving me and my friends at my home and theirs. If your teens are not ashamed to bring their friends home with them then you are clearly doing something right!

4. They Love You Unconditionally.

I have made many mistakes as a Dad. I’ve always been quick to simply say sorry when I’ve messed up and yelled or been quick to anger. When my kids were younger they were quick to forgive. Love covers over a multitude of mistakes. It’s important to be quick to apologise and to be merciful to your kids also.That way as they grown up they be able to keep a soft heart and not become embittered.

The measure you use will be measured out to you too! I love my kids a lot and they know it, that’s why they love me unconditionally. I thank God for His example of unconditional love for me and for showing me what love truly is.

5. You Can Still Have Fun With Each Other.

I still remember when my Dad would kick the ball with me in the backyard or let me win at hide and seek. I treasure those memories and want to make sure that I create them for my kids and don’t stop when they get to high school age. Does having fun with mean that there are no parenting issues? No, but it gives you the idea that things can and will be ok.

Of course there are may more examples of successful teen parenting and things going right in your teen relationships. If you have any tips or stories to share just drop a line in the comment box below.

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successful teen parenting





successful teen parenting


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