Sunday School Activities for 9-12 year olds

Sunday School Activities for Nine to Twelve year olds

Children are often simple and easy to teach, but sometimes you will find certain age ranges that can be a little tricky. Teaching your kids about the Bible is important and you have to use all the tools at your disposal to keep up the connection and give them a chance to take something away from your lessons. It’s also vital to remember to be remain adaptable. There’s many a time when I went into a class with a specific plan, but discussion took us in another area.  If you’re on a roll – just let if flow.

Sunday school projects for kids which are almost teens can be a little difficult. It’s hard to find physical craft ideas that will engage them. Here’s couple of ideas you can try. If your class covers kids of a variety of ages it may pay to pair them up or sort out small teams so that reading skills can be evenly matched.

 sunday school activitiesSecret Code Bible Verse

Use a verse that’s applicable to the lesson you’ve been following. I you’re studying David and Goliath use 1 Samuel 17 – and give the kids a copy of the verse (don’t tell them what it is!) re-written in a simple code.

  • For example substitute numbers for letters (DAVID – 4-1-22-9-4) or
  • Use  letters one prior to the one it ought to be (GOLIATH – FNKHZSG)

The mission from the students can then be to decode it and figure out the Bible reference as well. This shouldn’t be too hard if you’ve been using the verse in the lesson!

This project is going to be fun for them and they’ll learn each verse because they’ve had top spend time trying to decode it. This secret code may be used on any verse within the Bible. The children may take a verse and code it and create it for others to decode.

sunday school activities The Ten Commandments

sunday school activitiesThese Ten rules are essential to follow along with and live out every day. Teaching the kids these rules and just how to follow along with them is vital. This can be a fund project to assist them to learn these rules.
You’ll need:
1. Scroll paper

2. Fine point sharpie or pen
3. 8 x 10 frame or alternatively a small piece of dowel or pencil

The scroll paper could be bought in an office supply store and may usually be bought through the sheet or perhaps in small packs. Fine point sharpie allows the rules to show on the paper.

Get the kids to cop the 10 commandments from the Bible or instead write them out in your own words on the board or have some copies prepared to distribute to each group.

Many children find the act of writing helps with  their retention of the information. Also, make sure you keep up a running discussion as the children are preparing their scrolls.

When  they have prepared the ten rules you are able to place the paper in to the frame. If you don’t want to have a frame you can easily fashion a scroll by rolling the paper around the pencil or dowel. Use some sticking tape to stick one end to the pencil, then the commandments can be rolled out and read from.

Knowing the scriptures and what God want from us is crucial to kids of this age group. They’ll just be starting to contend with peer pressure and having a better understanding of the Bible will give them a solid foundation on which to build.

If you know of any great Sunday School Activities for kids of any ages you’d like to see posted up here just drop us a line via the comments section below.


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sunday school activities

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