Teach Sunday School Review

Would you like to reclaim your precious family time In Just 5-10  Minutes A Week?

teach sunday schoolDo you spend most of your Saturday afternoon running around trying to get it all together just so you can teach Sunday School the next day? Or perhaps you stress out just worrying about what you’re going to say to the kids tomorrow!

If your kids ministry has its own curriculum that’s great and you may be pretty well set except for reviewing the material and thinking about adding a few games or activities.

But…if you need to prepare your lesson from scratch then you can say good-bye to a few hours each weekend.

It can be a bit like running an old classic car, it might take 2 hours of prep for each 1 hour of running time. And then you have to do it all again next month when you want a new topic, or there’s a special topic you want to teach your kids….

What if you cteach sunday schoolould have access to a whole years worth of curriculum and cut of the amount of time you needed to prep right down to about 5-10 minutes.

I don’t mean cutting corners and “winging it” or just getting kids to draw a picture of what they did on their holidays.

I mean having access to a world-class curriculum that allows you to teach Sunday School like an old hand.Then you could have your Saturday back and spend it with your own kids.

There is an answer! – Teach Sunday School.  

teach sunday school

But isn’t this kind of thing available for free on the internet?

Yes and No. You can find free Sunday School resources that will fill gap in your lesson and that’s what they’re great for. However, if you want a good quality curriculum that will give you a complete package of lessons, stories, activities and bonuses that will keep you going for over 50 weeks  then you’ll need to take a look at Teach Sunday School .

Here I’ve found a solution with a series or prepared lessons that will keep kids entertained and teach them at the same. You can tailor the lessons to kids of various ages from pre-school up to pre-teens. It doesn’t matter whether your group is in the 3-4 age bracket or even a young teen, they will still get value from the lessons included.

The discussion part seems to work better with the older ones, but there’s something in there for everyone. So far it’s working a treat and making it easier for me to get the children down and have a heart-felt discussion because I’m worried less about how I’m going to structure our time.

So then – what exactly can I find at Teach Sunday School?

teach sunday school  Bible Fun Factory Curriculum

bible fun factory

  • 55 Sunday School Lessons divided into 11 volumes
  • Materials List
  • Scripture Reading
  • 2 Warm Up Activities
  • Core Lesson
  • 2-3 Games
  • 2 Extension Activities

Well then, here’s a summary of what’s in the Teach Sunday School package….

teach sunday school


  • Tailored for children of four different age groups from 4 – 14 years orf age.
  • 55 lessons included to last a whole year.
  • Lessons designed to be presented with just 5-10 minutes prep time.
  • Easy, Fun and actually teach the Bible.
  • 100 % better than Money Back Guarantee.

teach sunday school  Weaknesses:

  • This is not a $1000 program. You don’t have pages and pages of printables, coloring sheets and games. You just get a simple program that enables you to teach Sunday School with a minimum of fuss.


teach sunday school  Value for Money:

The current price of  USD$47 will give you instant access to 55 lessons, enough for a whole year of teaching. Where this program really wins out is the ease of preparation and completeness of the total curriculum. Lessons are designed to last onbe hour but can be extended easily if required.


This a great value for money product for anyone wanting to lead their own kids in family devotionals, run a small family group lesson or just have the ability to run over 50 unique Sunday School lessons.

teach sunday school


Teach Sunday School can’t take the place of your Bible, nor can it replace your own example of a faith filled life.What is will do is help you to:

“Teach them his decrees and instructions, and show them the way they are to live and how they are to behave” Ex 18:20 NIV.
It is simply a great tool to help you teach Sunday School Lessons for your own family or church kids class.

If you’re a Sunday School leader in a large church you may be looking for a more complete product with lots of printable resources. However at its current price nothing can compete and you have nothing to lose by looking at a the link  for Teach Sunday School.

Until next time,

teach sunday school





teach sunday school

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