101 FREE Youth Ministry Tips

Are you looking for Youth Ministry Tips?

Do you need to put some extra oomph into your own Youth Group?

I’ve discovered an excellent free resource available from Paul and Al at TeenLifeMinistries.



You can sign up to a whole heap of great youth group and youth ministry resources there but if you scroll right down to the bottom you can get 101 Youth Ministry Tips for FREE.

You’ll also get access to a FREE powerPoint lesson, class handout and discusssion guide, just what you need to kick start or re-boot you own youth ministry.

I’ve had a look myself and all they ask for is your contact details. So if you want that extra bit of input and vision to fire up your group or even just relate to your own teens at home then check it out today. You really have nothing to lose here!

I’m going to put these tips into practice with my own kids and my class whenever I look after some of the older pre-teens and teens.

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kids excited about church

kids excited about church



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Do you have an older child or teen needing more?

Are you looking for help with your youth ministry?

youth group lessons

 I have an older child about to move into our church youth group. I wanted to be able to help and was looking for some resources we could work through together. Here's what works!

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  • Great lessons ifea, can’t wait.

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